Top tips to prepare for winter

Winter is here, preparing your car can be a challenge. Winter roads can be tricky and dangerous. Having to drive in winter storms can be very challenging. Therefore, you should make sure that your car is prepared for any type of winter storm or bad weather. Driving safe with all the safety measures into account can be confusing, here are some tips and tricks to help you to prepare your car for winters:

  • Warming up your car for the ride - Just as we warm up before exercising, it is mandatory to warm up your car before taking it for a ride. Warming up the car gets its fluids flowing, the belts and the cold hoses will warm up. This will help to avoid strain on the engine and the car can function smoothly and efficiently.
  • Battery check up - Getting the battery to your vehicle(s) charged up is a vital approach to a hassle-free start-up. Poor maintenance of the battery and/or if your battery age is more than three years can cause a challenging ride; so, charging up your battery can automatically enhance your ride. If you are experiencing a cranky ride, you need to change your old battery with a new one.
  • Oil update - Oiling your car is very important, this is because it will ensure a smooth ride for you. When the temperatures are low, the oil flow should be even and restraint-free so that oil reaches to all the moving parts of your engine. When the oil is moving freely to all the engine parts, it ensures that the oil pump is protected against possible damages and slow cranking. For winter, the 5w oil is typically recommended. Usage of synthetic oils can make the flow of oil easier.
  • Check up on tires - Before hitting the winter roads, you should run a check on your tires. Make sure they can handle the winter roads. This will ensure air pressure adjustments are easier for you to follow.
  • Ensuring clearer visibility - When you are treading out on a winter day, snowfall can create unnecessary hassles. You should make it a point to keep your headlights, indicators, and taillights functioning well. Well operating high output headlights will give a clearer visibility of the roads ahead.
  • Professional car care partner - Hiring a trusted professional car care partner is a mandatory step towards a hassle free and a safe drive. God forbid, but if you find yourself stranded on a road on a stormy night, knowing where you are and whom to reach comes in handy.
  • Keep your wiper blades running - Before venturing out on a snowy day, ensure your wiper blades are running well. This can efficiently remove the snowflakes from the windshield. If you need to park outside while it is snowing, keep the wipers in raised position to avoid them freezing.
  • Keep the Fuel line running - A drop in temperature can cause your fuel line to freeze. You can add fuel additive into the system to avoid the freezing of the car’s fuel lines and ensure there is less moisture in the system for a better running of the car.

Now that you are aware of the essential ways to keep your car safe during the winter season, make the most of your vehicle during the winter months.


Top tips to prepare for winter - Gastonia Nissan

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