Iconic Cars Blog: Spooky Edition

Check out our selection of the top four most iconic spooky cars in television and film history.

The Mean Machine — Wacky Races

This 1968 cartoon featured 11 drivers going  head to head in a race ach Saturday morning. This show was shot in two 10-minute segments and is best paired with a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal. Some characters, like Dick Dastardly and his Mean Machine, were regulars in the races, while others only appeared a couple of times or less. 

The Mean Machine had a sharp front and bulbous back. Atop the purple vehicle was a large reptilian-looking  yellow fin. This goofy looking car was always a mischievous presence in the race and gave other drivers pause whenever it was around.

The Mystery Machine — Scooby Doo  

One of the most recognizable sleuths in TV and film history, Scooby Doo and his Mystery Machine have been solving mysteries with the gang since 1969. No ghosts, gools, or supernatural spirits could ever outrun their VW-inspired Mystery Machine van. With more than enough room for all the gadgets that make mystery solving possible, the Mystery Machine also appears to be luxuriously adorned with many of the creature comforts that make life on the road comfortable for a group of five.

The Munster Koach — The Munsters 

This car was built by famed Hollywood custom car designer George Barris specifically for The Munsters. The Munsters ran for two seasons between 1964 - 1966. It was a comedic horror that opened the door into a family of monsters, simply hoping to be accepted by their neighbors.   

Fans of the show always knew they were in for an adventure when the Munster Koach made one of its 20+ appearances on the show. Something like a souped up Model T, this wild looking family ride would not fit in around town in your neighborhood, but it worked for the Munsters nonetheless. 

Ecto-1 — Ghostbusters

The world-famous Ecto-1 finds its roots in a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex. This bizarre pearl white Cadillac is an unusual combination of elements from limos and ambulances. These cars are Frankensteined together, resulting in something undeniably pleasing to the eye. While the Ecto-1 was not in “mint condition”, as they say, it  was the perfect car to help comedy legends, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray answer the call to save their city.

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