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Find the brands you trust at the price you love when you roll over to Gastonia Nissan in Gastonia, NC for any and all of your tire service needs.

We’re so confident that we are offering the best prices around that, if you find a better price on a tire we offer, we’ll match that price. We don’t want you worrying about buyers remorse either, that’s why we will refund you the difference* on your tires if you find a better price within 30 days of your car being serviced.


Big Names. Bigger Savings.

Through the end of February, you can save $70 instantly just by purchasing a set of four eligible Hankook tires. For those not looking to replace all four tires, we always have a healthy inventory of the top tire brands perfect for keeping your ride smooth and maximizing your car’s potential.

Don’t Fear the Road Less Traveled

It’s no secret, these North Carolina roads can be treacherous. From improperly paved residential roads to pothole-packed highways to unmanicured mountain roads, your tires are tasked with taking you where you need to go and they need to hold up in all types of terrain if you want to get from A to B.


Due to the unpredictable quality of roads all across the greater Charlotte area, we developed a road hazard coverage** program. This service is available at no cost on all eligible tires and will cover you for up to two years after replacing your tires.

This doesn’t make getting a flat or unexpectedly replacing a tire painless, but it does ensure a quick solution that won’t blow your budget.

What Are Your Tires Telling You?

Listed below are the four most common issues drivers face when it comes to their tires.

  • Inflation Issues

    Inflation Issues

    Overinflated tires will make your ride harsher, shorten tread life, lengthen stopping distance, and put you at a greater risk for pothole damage.

    Underinflated tires will shorten tread life, reduce fuel economy, and increase friction that can cause tire failure.

  • Wear and Tear

    Wear & Tear

    If you notice a bubble in the sidewall of your tire, you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. This indicates that there is a tear in the inner liner of your tire. These issues are commonly caused by a pothole or obstruction pinching the tire against the wheel rim.

  • Alignment Issues

    Alignment Issues

    If your tires look like they are leaning in to (negative camber) or away from (positive camber) the body of your vehicle, this means your tires are out of alignment and need to be serviced immediately.

    Another sign of an alignment issue is your tires pointing inward (toe-in) or outward (toe-out) from your vehicle. This is called a feathered tread and will need to be serviced as soon as possible.

  • Maintenance


    If you notice the tread on your tires does not look similar across all four, it may be time to rotate or replace your tires. Ensure even wear and tear on all of your tires by rotating them at the manufacturer recommended intervals. Uneven tires can cause serious alignment issues and more.

After reading the information above, it is easy to see that our tires talk to us. The only question now is, are you listening to what it has to say?

Whether you blow a tire or you just feel like your car isn’t driving like it used to, the experts at Gastonia Nissan located at 2275 E Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia, NC 28054 have you covered.

Yes, there are options all over the greater Charlotte area but no one is better at getting you back on the road than the experts at Gastonia Nissan.


*Some exclusions apply. Ask your Service Advisor for details. Eligible tires only. Customer must present a printed lower-priced quote on an identical in-stock tire dated within 30 days of purchase from a tire retailer and installer within 25 miles of the dealership. Bundled offers, clearance or closeout price quotes, coupons, competitor quotes that resulted from a price match, used tires, and tires from automotive dealers are not eligible. Other restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

**Eligible tires only. Restrictions apply. See Road Hazard Consumer Brochure for complete details regarding 24-month Road Hazard Coverage.

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