Benefits of Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Time&Miles

Thanks to our complimentary Lifetime Warranty featuring unlimited time and miles,you can leave your worries behind with your qualifying purchase here at our dealership.

No Unexpected Fees

Our exclusive Lifetime Warranty comes standard with every qualifying vehicle purchase made here at Gastonia Nissan.What it doesn’t come with are any hidden fees or additional costs whatsoever.

Easy Maintenance

Upkeeping your warranty is simple.All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule found in your owner’s manual to keep your warranty in good standing.There are no additional requirements necessary to keep your warranty valid.

Convenient Service

Service has never been easier than here in our state-of-the-art Service Center,featuring 15 service bays to provide quick and efficient service for our customers.However,while you’ll receive top-notch service with us,we understand that people relocate or travel.That’s why you’re not required to service your vehicle with us to keep your warranty in good standing.Simply keep track of your service records.

A Snapshot of Coverage Savings

Engine Replacement
Transmission Replacement
Differential Replacement
Transfer Case Replacement
Timing Chain Replacement
Powertrain Components Covered Under Lifetime Warranty^ include the engine, transmission and transaxle, front-wheel drive system and rear-wheel drive system.
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*$100 deductible is required.

^The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all items designated by the manufacturer as“powertrain”components in the manufacturer’s original warranty documents.Above are examples of Powertrain components,coverage varies based on manufacturer.

**Limitations of coverage:The information on this page is intended only to provide an outline of the limited warranty coverage.For exact coverage,exclusion and limitations,please review the Lifetime Limited Warranty document.

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