Brake Service from Gastonia Nissan in Gastonia, NC

Brake Service from Gastonia Nissan in Gastonia, NC

At Gastonia Nissan, safety for our customers is our top priority. While Nissan vehicles are equipped with amazing safety features that are designed to keep you as safe on the road as possible, the most important factor in keeping you protected is maintaining the quality of your vehicle’s brakes. We believe brakes are the number one safety feature your car has, and if they aren’t properly cared for, it greatly increases the risk for accidents.

We recommend a brake inspection every 6 months or about every 6,000 miles. A thorough inspection includes the wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder, calipers, and brake fluid. Replacing the brake pads and making a brake fluid exchange is also vital to maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Gastonia Nissan has an excellent and highly-trained service staff that can perform a thorough inspection of your brakes and brake components, give recommendations that fit your car’s specific needs, and, of course, perform high quality service so that your car is perfectly safe for you and your loved ones. Using Nissan Genuine parts, we will use the right pads, rotors and more for your particular model. Getting you back on the road with a safe vehicle is our number one goal!

Five Signs Your Brakes May Need Service

Brake Inspection
  • You hear squeaking/grinding noises when you use the brake pedal
  • The car vibrates or shakes when using the brakes
  • Stopping the car takes longer than usual or requires more effort
  • Your car is leaking fluids
  • Your brake light comes on the dashboard

If you are located in the greater Charlotte area and your car is showing issues of wear and tear or poor performance, whether it’s issues with your brakes or something else, bring it by our incredible service center at Gastonia Nissan. We will provide you and your vehicle with the best service around.

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