Pet-Friendly spots in Gastonia, NC

Pet-Friendly spots in Gastonia, NC

It's the perfect time of year for long, sunny days on the trail or in the water, and you don't have to leave man's best friend at home. Gaston County's parks and shops give dogs and their owners a warm welcome with free dog treats and bowls of fresh, cool water, from shady dog parks to breweries and dog-friendly restaurant patios. Make sure you bring everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy as the temperature rises before planning your summer of pet adventures. Keep a leash up to 6 feet, a portable water bowl, and a couple disposable bags ready of for easy cleaning when your dog gets the call of the wild. They are needed regularly to keep active dogs in tip-top shape. The most important thing is to take frequent breaks, e.g. For example, sitting in the shade or paddling in a lake or stream to prevent you and your dog from overheating. Precautions have been taken Ken, check out the top picks for the best outdoor adventures for your beloved Gaston County pet here.

George Post Park; one of the off-leash dog parks in Gastonia, NC

At the Dog Park, get new friends for yourself:

At Gaston's three enclosed dog parks (off-leash), your dog can play with other dogs. A dog park measuring five acres at George Poston Park is separated into two sections: one for small dogs and the other for the bigger ones. The dog-owners who love ice creams can enjoy the shades on Goat Island, then stroll down the greeneries to Floyd and Blackie's in Cramerton downtown. Tuckaseegee Park in Mount Holly also features a separate dog park for different breeds and walking pathways through the nearby wetlands.

King's Pinnacle in Gastonia, NC

Hike in the Woods:

A long walk with your dog through Gaston County's Twin Peaks and along the Catawba River and its tributaries is well worth it on miles of hiking trails. Start your 5 miles hike at the Crowders Mountain State Park Visitor Center, which will take you to Gaston's highest peak. A trip to the top of King's Pinnacle adds another four kilometers. Then hike nearly five miles round-trip on the Preserve Trail of the Seven Oaks or 1.6 miles on Circle the Shoreline in Rankin Lake Park for a relaxed ride on the plain terrain.

Gaston County Blueway

A Flatwater Paddle is a fun way to spend some time on the water:

The South Fork River Blueway is great for leisurely paddling if your dog loves stand-up paddling and kayaking as much as you do.

A Night underneath the stars above:

Dog-friendly campsites in the Crowders Mountain backcountry are just 1 mile away. Eleven quiet, shady spots for groups and families are ideal for hanging up your hammock, making a fire pit and cuddling up with your four-legged camping partner.

Thirsty Dog; one of many pet-friendly spots in Gastonia, NC

Dinner at the patio:

After a long day of outdoor adventure, relax in your garden chair in one of Belmont's dog bars for an ice-cold beer and a hearty lunch or dinner. The covered terrace of the String Bean restaurant serves small sandwiches, salads, burgers, and hearty dinners. At the same time, the South Main Cycles station renovated the station, and the Depot Tavern offers unique local craft beers.

Pet-Friendly spots in Gastonia, NC - Gastonia Nissan

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