How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

By consuming fuels at unprecedented rates, we are not just spending more money, but we’re causing irreparable damage to the environment. The irresponsible use of non-renewable resources can cause a huge hindrance in the future, which is why it is imperative to act now.

Therefore, it is important to consciously work towards improving your own car’s fuel economy, in order to play your part towards saving the environment, and here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Don’t Wait with Your Engine On:

If you’re making a quick stop somewhere, or you’re at a red light that’s going to take some time to go green, quit idling and turn off your car engine as soon as you can. Keeping your car running even when you stop unnecessarily drains out the fuel from your tank when in fact, you’re not even making use of it. Make sure you always resort to the practice of turning off the engine when it comes to those mid-journey stops.

Choose Motor Oil Wisely:

Always ask your vehicle manufacturer or dealership as to which motor oil will suit your car model the best. The reason behind this is that while making the model of your car, several tests are performed to determine which motor oil serves your car the best. Good motor oil is extremely important to prevent causing any friction within the internal parts of your car. If the amount of friction within the vehicle increases, the engine must work harder for the car to move ahead. Therefore, it is important to gain access to good motor oil that suits your car the best.

Beware of Deflated Tires:

Always ensure that your tires have ample air in your tires. Make sure that the tires are inflated properly every time you fill them up. If your tires have less air in them, they tend to lose out on their smoothness in running, hence increasing their rolling resistance. This can end up exhausting a lot of your fuel since the workload on your engine increases. Always keep a tab on whether you need to fill your tires up with air.

Moderation in Speed:

Never speed just because the road is clear. A few minutes of reduction in your journey isn’t going to make a difference to you but it will end up costing your wallet and Mother Nature quite a bit. Keep your speed at an average and abide by the speed limit if you don’t want to end up using up your fuel too quick. Always remember not to put too much pressure on your accelerator since it indirectly puts a heavy load on your engine, causing it to work overtime and combusting more fuel in the process.


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