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Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Everyone is facing their share of consequences. With social distancing, people are finding it hard to avail goods and services properly. It cannot be denied that industries of all sizes are also witnessing loss due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The last three months have been quite challenging for the global economy. Customers are finding it difficult to connect with their brand and make their purchase. 

When it comes to buying a car during this time, the massive outbreak and widespread is certainly restricting the customers to make a purchase decision. You cannot purchase a vehicle without considering all the essential factors that contribute to the purchase. There are plenty of things that play a significant role in making a well-informed decision. A test drive is one such important factor in buying a car.

How Is Gastonia Nissan Helping With At-Home Test Drive?

Taking a test drive from the concerned store is certainly a challenging scenario. Hence, Gastonia Nissan has come up with an exclusive program, the At-Home Test Drive. In this program, you just need to follow some quick steps to get a test drive from your home. You don’t need to travel to the store, and your chosen car will arrive at your doorstep. 

At-Home Test Drive: Steps To Follow

It is imperative that you follow the right steps in order to avail the benefits of At-Home Test Drive. Here are four easy steps that can get you closer to home test drive:

Search The Online Inventory

Every store has an online inventory where they list all the available cars, and Gastonia Nissan does the same. First, you need to visit the online inventory of the store and search for the ideal car you need. 

Schedule An Appointment

Once you have selected your ideal car, the next step is to schedule an appointment. You need to pick a time, date and place for the test drive according to your preference. 

Confirmation Call

Once your request is registered at the store, you would have to wait for a confirmation call. The store staff will call you to confirm your request and get the details. 

At-Home Test Drive

Once you have confirmed your request and given all the details, you can avail At-Home Test Drive at designated time, place and date. It’s that simple. 

Why is At-Home Test Drive Right For You?

You would not want to get out and visit the store during this time of crisis. But, what if your favourite car that you intend to purchase comes at your doorstep for a test drive? That’s exactly what Gastonia Nissan is doing for you. With At-Home Test Drive, they are providing their customers with a chance to contribute to the social distancing norms as well as get hands-on their ideal car as well. The customers just need to follow the above-mentioned steps to get things cleared. 


At-Home Test Drive - Gastonia Nissan

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